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Welcome to my blog - bakpao here. I'm in my mid twenties, residing in the south of the Netherlands. I'm an active moderator over on the CTC Discord server and maintain multiple spreadsheets containing statistics for both the channel and the Discord server. Not a day goes by that I don't solve a few puzzles, and I frequently try my hand at setting them as well. 

I have been publishing puzzles over in the CTC Discord server since around May 2020. At the beginning I didn't set all that often, but in recent times, as I got more experienced and ambitious, my puzzle output has skyrocketed. I've also been actively contributing to WCPN, as well as some championships and magazines. I like to think I have created some interesting puzzles and am hoping that by publishing them here more people can and will enjoy them.

I like solving both sudoku and other pencil puzzles equally. When solving, sudoku is most certainly my forte and I participate in all GP rounds and mentionable contests. In May 2021, I finished 3rd in the Dutch Sudoku championships, my first mentionable result, and hopefully the first of many to come.

When setting I tend to stick to pencil puzzles, but I do occasionally set some sudokus as well.

I generally use this blog for puzzles that do not fit into the vanilla genres available over on puzzlink, so you'll mostly find hybrids and variants here. I do have a dedicated spot on this blog for my favorite vanilla puzzles, however the majority of them can be found and played on https://puzz.link/db/?via=bakpao_puz

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- bakpao 


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